Ad Tumulum.

Hi, I’m J. Eric Cook – a printmaker and painter living in East Harlem USA. I really enjoy telling stories by carving lines into linoleum and creating new life with watercolor on canvas (a relatively new technique). I think the work is sharp, colorful, personal, fun and tactile. Watertowers, American

All of my paintings and linocuts are hand-made and crafted. The linocut prints are hand-pressed on Gus, my 6-ton bottle jack platen press. I use Winsor & Newton professional watercolor paints and prefer Liquitex and Golden Heavy Body acrylics. The richness of the Sennelier oil pastels keep me coming back for more!

My reproduction prints and postcards are all based on my own original artwork and photographs. They are printed on high quality, heavy stock, acid-free photographic paper.

Ad Tumulum” is a cri de coeur to Creation, to connect with the World. Latin for “toward the grave,” it means to live every day – while you can, until you can’t! To me it means working with Patience, Humility and Purpose. Attributes you will find in everything I make for you. 

You can find the Ad Tumulum Arts Road Show in Washington Square Park & Union Square in New York City on the weekends, when it isn’t too windy or too wet.

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