J. ERIC COOK (@ad.tumulum) is widely recognized as the eighth hardest-working living artist in New York City. Most seen in Washington Square Park showing and sharing his painting and prints since 2016. The WSP Road Show is also where you'll find Mollie's Mysterious Monotype Machine, an art-making machine Eric created, spinning wonder at 10,000rpm! You can find the Ad Tumulum Arts Road Show in Washington Square Park & Union Square in New York City on the weekends, when it isn't too windy or too wet. Thank you for visiting. . . . visit Ad Tumulum Arts on instagram: @ad.tumulum [<----- @ad (DOT) tumulum] . . . Inquiries and commissions: ad.tumulum [!at] gmail.com [<----- ad (DOT) tumulum@gmail(DOT)com] Ad Tumulum Arts - Custom Linocut Watercolor Pastel Acrylic & Wearable Art.