Mollie’s Mysterious Monotype Machine

Fire Mollie (metallic silver and gold) with Ellis Gallagher at 17 Frost Gallery, 2019

Mollie’s Mysterious Monotype Machine is a custom-made cigar-box machine I built solely for making Art in the Park. You can MAKE YOUR OWN ART or I can make you a custom print.
While familiar, Mollie is completely unique!
* Reversible motor for spinning this way AND that!
* A modulated speed dial for artistic control at low speeds & complete artistic absurdity at over 7,000 revolutions per minute!
* Wide array of magical color combos & quality paper for a long lasting keepsake!

Come visit the Road Show in Washington Square Park and make your own Mollie Print! OR visit my Art Shop and order a CUSTOM Mollie Print made just for you! OR click the Orange Etsy button!

OR invite Mollie’s Mysterious Monotype Machine to your party or event for guaranteed easy, creative fun & a unique highlight! Contact me for details.