Original Paintings

Oh, damn, I really love painting watercolor on canvas and I really can’t explain it because it is a real technical pain in the ass to get done. But I love it! I also work in acrylic because it dries so very fast and takes so much abuse so well. But I’ll work with just about anything so long as it’s chemical compounds won’t either kill me or get me evicted from my tiny East Harlem apartment (see my printmaking for more on this… lol).

Below is a little sampling of the work. Many of them are commissions. Order yours now.

Nothing is too precious, special, or weird.

I will paint your pet — cats, dogs, fishes, snakes, birds, pigs —  In watercolor, pastel, pencil, ink, dirt, or crayon. You choose it, I’ll do it! I can sketch, draw, paint or print a likeness you will be proud to share of the perfection of your favorite companion.