Special Limited-Edition Face Masks

Ad Tumulum Arts is overjoyed to announce a special collaboration with extraordinary Artists sharing their creative, original designs on a Limited Edition of wearable art face masks & bandanas.


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Each custom design is limited to a run of 50 masks. Click HERE to buy a mask

Jennie West ( Insta:

Jennie West is a creative polymath, establishing compound connections between fine art, intuitive empathy, music and performance. Exploring themes of love, spirituality and boundaries, her compositions manifest the undulating energetic connections between artist and muse. Embedded in West’s multidisciplinary work is an artist’s probe into the philosophy of art as a tool for human evolution, where a work of art explores the possibilities of interconnectedness using established techniques from multiple disciplines.

West moved to New York City with a high level of creative training and chose to study liberal arts, attending The New School for Social Research and Hunter College before pursuing her career as a multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur working in theatre, film, and costume design. She is a jazz performer, lyricist and has released an album, while also tattooing and maintaining a painting practice. In 2017 she was hand selected for an ongoing studio residency at the Andrew Freedman Home in the Bronx, where she continues to practice today. West has exhibited in New York City,  Philadelphia, during Miami Art Basel 2018 and at MoMA PopRally x Bronx 2019.

POV2 was a part of West’s series Paradox of Violence inspired by and exhibited during the run of Craig “muMs” Grant‘s play “Paradox of The Urban Cliché.” Shout out to muMs (West’s muse!) for “Tell Yourself a Different Story.”

Chad Frick (Insta: @vulture_hill)

Chad Frick’s drawings are spontaneous zen ink doodles, filled with wonder, nature, and strange beings. The drawings are a meditation practice, a Surrealist automatism, and the results are generally a surprise. Creator of the pioneering interactive web cartoons of the late 1990’s, featuring a clickable character-filled fantasy world, Chad’s artworks also reflect his background as a botanical illustrator and organic orchardist.  Chad currently lives, works, and grows certified organic hard cider apples in Sebastopol, California. 

Deja Patterson (Insta: @wonderfullyartistic @artofdejapatterson)

Deja Patterson is a Mississippi native who is currently based in Queens, New York. She recently
earned her Master of Fine Art in Studio Art with a concentration in painting from Queens
College. She is a painter who addresses societal discrimination against plus sized women
through her work. Voluptuous women are prominent in her examinations of body image, race
and sexuality.

Erin Ko (  Insta: @erinkostudios)

Local Artist Erin Ko is a mixed media disciple. Ko’s interactive art plays with Mediated Reality, Collective Consciousness and Layered Experiences. She combines analog art-making methods with new media tools to address our complicated love/hate relationship with technology. Her experiential work often includes video projection, augmented reality, virtual reality, and more.

Central to Ko’s art-making philosophy is the tenet that voyeurs must be able to engage with the work in an analog sense; that people be allowed to curate their own experience based on how much technology they invite into the moment.

Ko’s work has been exhibited internationally, including in London, Mexico City, Beijing, New York and Berlin. She has frequently collaborates with Acool55, PhoebeNew York, and Helixx C. Armageddon

Nathan Williams (Insta: @n8brooklyn)

Nathan Williams is a Brooklyn, New York-based artist, designer and researcher who strives to translate, transform and remix investigations of African Transatlantic Diasporic creative theory, process and practice. Williams aspires to both documenting and developing ar(t)chitectural language in the design of image and object, space and place.

Much of Williams’ recent work has been mixed media collage where he samples and layers conceptual elements of Black Atlantic arts—whether in rhythmically embodied movement, visual, musical, lyrical or spiritual production—as layers in his creative process. His built work focuses on small details informed by research and his creations are inseparably informed by his committed investigation and documentation of African Diasporic creative theory and process exploring layered narratives of signification, continuity, disruption, samples and repetitions in all creative forms. Learn more about Nathan Williams here.